Ass n’ Abs Annie

Check out Jan doing sets up unassisted pull-ups down in California…Your Killin it Jan!

Todays wod:

Ass n’ Abs Annie


walking lunge steps
sit ups

Quick update for the fundraising efforts:

guys are at total of $520, ladies are at $430

Ladies, your team members include:

  • Amy Speed-Andrews
  • Nicole Wetsch
  • Jani Dawson
  • Rachelle  Viray
  • Sara  Heitzman
  • Megan Fenske
  • Morgan Pierce
  • Lindsay KEELAGHAN
  • Mary  Dittrich
  • Eva Martens
  • Nicole Schellenberg
  • Dawn Schwartz
  • Skyla Bradley

Guys, our team includes

Grant Peuramaki:
Praveen Ranawana:
Matt Wyatt:
sean rathwell:
Jason Wetsch:
Brett Reib:
Binette Nick:
Victor Dong:
Peter Li:
Richard Bodnaruk:


This list is taken from the Movember website and barbell for boobs website. If your name isn’t on the list then make sure you register and join the team “CrossFit Lazarus”


I also want to send the invite to everyone to come to Felipe’s going away party this Saturday from 2pm onwards. He’s heading back to Columbia so we’ll be throwing him a “Canadian” themed party. It would mean the world if you were able to make it. He had a blast at the 2 CoCo LoCo parties he helped put on…without Felipe there wouldn’t have been any Coconuts at the CoCo LoCo party :(…


Here’s the info for the party, please leave a comment on that site if you’re able to come!



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  1. Drew says:

    Hey All!

    Crossfit Games have been playing on TSN and TSN over the past couple day and also say should be on thurs as well.

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